Library services

i.    Reference
ii.    Photocopying
iii.    Information Literacy Training
iv.    Printing
v.    Scanning
vi.    Selective Dissemination of Information
vii.    Online resources

Other Services

i.    Photocopying services are available at a cost of Kshs 2/- per page.
ii.    Books may be photocopied to a limited extent in line with the Copyright Law
iii.    Advance booking is required for items with 10 pages and above, using the form available at the front desk.

i.    Printing is available at Kshs. 5/- per page
ii.    Work to be printed should be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. flash disks will not be accepted.

i.    Scanning is available at a cost of Kshs. 25 per page for students and sh. 40 for non-students

i.    Binding services (Spiral binding) are available at Kshs. 50/- for a document of less than fifty pages and Kshs. 100/- for those with over fifty pages.
The Library has online reference service that allows clients to submit reference questions to the Librarians, who provide personalized assistance to library users in accessing suitable information resources to meet their needs.

On successful completion of the final ATP/PS examination, all registered library members shall clear with the Library.However, those with fee balance/lost library card/pending overdue fine will not be cleared until the same is settled.


i.    Reserve/Photocopying Section
ii.    Issue Desk
iii.    Reference Section
iv.    General reading
v.    Special Collection
vi.    Electronic Resource Centre

The Library is live to the fact that our patrons are IT savvy and prefer to be able to access as much as possible online and to be able to use various gadgets including their phones for online communication through the social media.
It is from this trend that the library sought to reach our patron through the social media to communicate to them the various facilities available to them in the library and to upload their handout and reading materials.

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