1. All Library users must be current registered students of the School, faculty and administration staff
  2. Access to the Library is subject to production of a valid student card at all times.

Borrowing and return of Materials / Circulation

  1. The Students’ ID must be produced in order to borrow a resource. Borrowing using other persons’ ID cards is not allowed.
  2. Patrons are allowed to borrow two book at a time for a period of one week. The due date is stamped on the book on borrowing.
  3. Late returns attract a fine of Kshs. 20/- per hour for short loans and Kshs 20/- per day for normal loan.
  4. Patrons must settle any overdue loan before they are permitted to borrow again.
  5. Patrons with either overdue fine or lost library book(s) or both will be denied clearance until the said balances are settled


  1. All luggage must be left at the luggage zone located at the entry/exit point of the Library and patrons issued with a tag .
  2. Patrons should not leave any valuables in their luggage. NB: The Library will not be liable for any loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
  3. On leaving the Library, patrons shall:
    – Be required to produce books/items borrowed for inspection
    – Be frisked by the security personnel
    – Do not claim for luggage without producing a corresponding tag for luggage
  4. Lost luggage tags will be replaced at the cost of sh 500 each
  5. Library premises is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance

Library Ambience

  1. Silence must be strictly observed in the Library.
  2. Cell phones must be switched off or put on mute mode while in the Library.
  3. Patrons seated or standing in the area where noise originates will be asked to leave
  4. Liquids, food, razor blades and scissors,weapons are not allowed in the library.

Reserve Collection

These are resources that are core to the ATP and Para Legal studies and are deemed to be on high demand.They are issued on short loan basis. They are located behind the circulation desk in Karen Campus and can only be taken out of the Library with express authority of the Librarian or Assistant Librarian. A patron can only borrow two (2) items at a time for a maximum of three (3) hours in Karen Campus and one (1) item in Town Campus.

Electronic Resource Centre

  1. Only one user per computer is allowed
  2. Reservation of computers is not allowed.
  3. Computers shall be used for academic purposes only
  4. Those who may wish to listen to audio must always have headphones
  5. Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer.
  6. If any device of the computer malfunctions, kindly report at the circulation desk.
  7. Moving of mouse and/or keyboards is not allowed.

Research and Special Collection Section

It is located on the first floor of the Library in Karen Campus. The materials therein should not be removed.

Media Lounge

The media lounge is located on the ground floor of the Library in Karen Campus. The lounge is strictly for reading newspapers and magazines for purposes of keeping up to date with current issues.

Loss and Damage

  1. Patrons will be liable for materials charged in their accounts.
  2. In case the material is lost or damaged, an immediate report should be lodged with the Library
  3. Patrons will replace lost/damaged material(s) or
  4. Patrons will pay for the lost/damaged materials with the current market price plus sh. 500 processing charge
  5. All books replaced must be of the latest edition.
  6. If the lost book is one of a set or series patrons shall replace the whole set or series


Notwithstanding the generality of paragraphs above, a person who breaches any of the above provision shall be liable to disciplinary action by the school.The library may initiate any of the following sanctions – (a) Warning; (b) Reprimand; (c) Restitution; (d) Fine (e) Suspension; (f) Expulsion for entire period of study


For real time communication, the Library is open to its patrons through social media i.e. FB, twitter, Instagram email etc.


  1. Library clearance is subject to a nil patron’s account
  2. Patrons will clear in person
  3. Patrons should always monitor their Library accounts

NB: For all Library transactions, official receipt must be obtained from the circulation desk

Library Contacts

The Library can be reached on:-