The Library has developed this Charter for the students and staff of Kenya School of Law.The charter outlines the services and standards expected from us and how you can help us improve our services to you.


To be the ideal legal information hub for research and dissemination in the East African region and beyond.


To offer quality information service on demand and the anticipation for professionals and other actors in the legal sector.


To offer information services to esteemed clientele both for literary and research purposes in the legal profession while upholding universal standards that promote fundamental information access rights/principles (e.g.  Laws of library science).

Specifically we;
•    Increase the validity of acquisition and collection development decisions.
•    Offer quality information literacy instructions by effective use of library/ERC information resources.
•    Offer current information access and retrieval technology to save on the clientele time.
•    Offer improved service tailored to the needs of users and research


To offer services in an efficient & effective manner.  In our quest to meet users expectations, we stand guided by the following values;
•    Equal clients, equal service all the time
•    Impartiality and fairness
•    Team spirit, discipline, respect and courtesy
•    Principle, integrity, transparency and accountability
•    Commitment and dedication to duty.
•    Professionalism
•    Proactive approach to a changing environment


Our clients include:
•    ATP/PL students
•    KSL staff
•    Alumni
•    Community


We aim to:
•    Provide access to information services and resources in a timely manner to meet users information needs
•    Assist users in using library services and resources
•    Offer training to enable users to retrieve and use information resources that will foster the acquiring of life-long learning skills
•    Work collaboratively with users to develop library resources and services to support the teaching and learning programs of the School.
•    Continuously improve the resources and services we provide

Contribute to the legal training at the Kenya School of Law via Library and electronic resource center (ERC) as a bridge and increase public confidence in the legal training and research by fair/equitable and independent dispensation of information as a service to all clients.


You can help us to provide reliable and efficient service by;
•    Engaging us in positive and constructive criticism
•    Sharing ideas on how best we can improve Library in relation set standards.
•    Participating in the information literacy programme.



We provide the following services
•    Provide access to information resources
•    Provide assistance in using the information resources
•    Support clients to enable them develop the skills needed to fulfill their current and future information needs.


We are committed to;
•    Undertake speedy, efficient, effective and equitable information service delivery to all.
•    Continuously and professionally run the information literacy programme on remedial basis.
•    Minimize the response time to your enquiries and complaints.
•    Treat all your information, concerns with confidentiality and give it the urgency it deserves



The library is committed to meeting the needs of our clients professionally as follows:

1.    Equal service all the time
We provide services on demand to all while ensuring the library and e-resource center is accessible to every client.

2.    Information desk
This is the library’s talking point for all clients where all enquiries are responded to courteously

3.    Information literacy & competency training programme
We will oversee this programme for the purpose of maximizing the centre’s information potential.It’s aimed at ensuring maximum use of available information resources


We aspire to continue improving our service delivery.We therefore appreciate feedback on our performance. We believe that constructive engagement with our clients and stakeholders will help us improve our service delivery. If the service provided is not satisfactory, please channel all your genuine complaints to the Librarian.